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Comment: Hi my name is Dr. Marcia Hunter...

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I came across your page while looking for dental help. I realize that you posted this almost a year ago and i do hope that some fortunate person found help. By the way, hello neighbor, I reside in South Carolina. In the event that you still visit this page, i was hoping that you might be able to direct me to some help or any advice. I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks!

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Everyone keeps saying that they are willing to pay "x" amount per month to get help for their dental needs. If you're willing to do that, you should just start a savings account or set money aside each month in the amount you can afford. It's money you would have to pay back anyway to care credit or any other financing company. You're more likely to get your dental work done alot sooner that way then to wait around for a help that may never come. Good luck to everyone!

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Dear Dr. What a heart of Gold you have. That's so great that you are able to help people in need. I will pray for you for being this great person on this planet. P.S. I donated my kidney to my cousin almost 3 years ago and he's doing great!


Are you still looking for people who need front upper dental work? I need a lot of work ut even after insurance There is no way I can afford it. I live in Winder, Ga. If you know of any other dentist that can help please contact as soon as possible.

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Shawonnia Mayes

i'am a 31 year old mother of two. i currenlty would like to find a dentist in the houston area who will be willing to work on my teeth and allow me to make payments. i have dental insurance with a max of 1,000 per year that is just not enough.I need 10,000 worth of work. i'am in constant pain i need at least three root canals, and all of the fillings in my teeth are over 15 years old.All of my teeth are now cracking around the filling.My teeth are now starting to shift around at the bottom leaving spaces between to match the big one that i already have in the top. alot of people say i look so unhappy and why dont i ever smile because i feel so uncomfortable and feel much more attractive when i don't smile. I have tried care credit no hope. and now that my kids are getting older i would like to take care of my teeth sooner that later. because i know them will need work. someone please help.

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I need to have my teeth remove and dentures replaced. I have no insurance and will be willing to pay what I can. have several teeth broke off and can barely chew. need help

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Hi, My name is Suzette, I am single workin mom of one. I am in need of a root canal on one of my molar teeth, however I don't have detal insurance to help cover this until July, 2007. and I can't wait this long. I am located in the Tulsa, OK area, if anyone knows of any help I can get please let me know. Thanks, Suzette

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in constant pain

Hello. Im am a 30 year old mother of 6. I live in pain every day because I can not afford to go have the dental work that I desperately need. I am looking for a dentist that is affordable. PLEASE help. I dont know how much longer I can live with this pain. Thank you. Emily

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I need Help In the areas you've described, please email me with info about this free dental work

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hi Dr. hunter, my name is gerrie. I came across this web site only on a whim. I was looking for a dintist that would be willing to help my situation. And by the power of prayer, i was let to you. I am 42yr old woman living in sc. 5years ago i ran into somehardship when i had to quit my job to take are of my mother the was dying of cancer. I was so much focusing on taking care of her i neglected myself, exspecially my teeth. I had beautiful teeth once but now i find tem ugly and i am afraid to smile, one of my front teeth is about to fall out any day now and i don't know what i am going to do.. but in the mean time I have to focus on my 87yr old father now. I have no time for my self, I only wnt to do what it right because my parents took care of me. If you can find it in your heart to fix my front touth before it falls out I will be eternally greatful.

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I posted a coujple of looking for affordable type dentists here and no one responds. Is this site only for us to vent about our dental problems? where do we go to get responses to oujr posts? where do we go for help? where do we go to gedt a loan? when will the government start letting us use insurance for dentalimplants????? Where do we go for answers. the dental schools charge $ 26.00 just for fees ... no kidding they gave me a list of fees i have to pay before i can get dental surgery preperation for implants. those fees don't pay for the teeth they told me. I am so mad it's not funny

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Dr. marcia Hunter my name is christina cope i grew up in charlote n.c. im in tn. for now but i plan on moving back soon i will be down may 19th i would give just about anything to have my teeth fixed if u could email me back and let me know if u could help me i would be so happy thank u!!

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Like so many Americans, I too have dental problems. When I was a Senior in H.S. I had my two front teeth knocked out during a basketball game. 20 Years later my fake front teeth have become infected. I cannot afford dental work (3 teen-agers and a single mom). Is there any suggestions or places I can go for help?

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I am willing to have automatic withdrawel of 300 a month out of my pay for the the dental implant implants and bone building in my mouith. you must be an accredited dentist and experienced in dental implantation and be a kind dentist if you agree to do this. i am at my last resort. i have tried so many possibilities. i see so many people on here who need dental work as i do. i think its a shame how so many americans can't get teeth fixed because of greedy dentists. they can charge 500 dollars a tooth and still make money . they don't have to bleed us to death for 3000 dollars a tooth. maybe we all need to march on washington or sometnhing to get betterh dental care in this country

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i also have not smiled in years, i was raised by an abusive father and have meth mouth, i would give my arm for pretty teeth. i would give anything can anyone help

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Hello I have insurance that will pay 2,500 dollars a year for dental care. I need a bridge ,crowns , braces etc. I wish as a child I would have taken care of my teeth. Every dentist I go to says I need major work but I cannot afford 15,000 work of dental work. I can make monthly payments. My credit is not that great so I can't get care credit. Are there any dentists in the Atlanta Ga. area that can help me I am only 37 years old and I don't smile?

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lisa k

hi am 43 years old i need to have all my upper teeth pulled and to get dentures . i work part time and have no insurance. i would like to find a dental place that is willing to let me make low monthly payments to go ahead and get this done . please help i work with the public and i have alot of tooth pain. i would love to smile again. would like to find some one close to my area which is close to lima ohio. thanks

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hi I am 32 years old and i very very badly need someone to help me get dentures as i am missing most of my teeth as they have broke off at the gum. However i am unable to get anything done due to the fact that my 13 year ols is very ill with CF and all of our income goes into taking care of her. Please Please help me. Jennifer Gragg

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I need to know if there are any dentists in the Delaware Co. area of Indiana that would be willing to do about $6,000 worth of dental work for my wife and let me make payments! She's a beautiful woman who no longer smiles or laughs and it breaks my heart. We've had some money problems the last 3-4 yrs. but that has turned around now and I am able to make payments but it seems no one wants to do that anymore. I applied for 2 different dental credit plans but because of my problems the last couple years they've turned me down. Now what? I can't stand watching her in so much pain and never wanting to laugh or smile again! Help us please! Scott L.

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Hello It has come to my attention that my bottom wisdom have come in horizontaly and have pressed against my molars this has caused several problems there is no room for them and my jaw is being forced out causing my jaw two pop,head aches, and TMJ syndrom.But that is the least of my worries the limpnodes in my neck and jaw have all swollen and when I found all these lumps I went to the hospital.The doctor told me it was my teeth and it is a serious problem because they have created an infection,He perscribed anitbiotics and told me to see a dentist.after that there was problems with my family and my teeth were pushed to the back of my mind until I started getting realy bad breath no matter how much I brushed it just got worse.So I went to a dentist she told me that they did not have the ability to remove them there and refered me to a specialist,when I got in to finnaly see this dentist he told me it's a major concern the teeth are infected and they need to come out!he cleared his schedule and deemed it an emergency procdure.......then he found out that I do not have insurance.So he perscribed antibiotics he said the strongest there is without an I.V. so hear I am and the lumps just keep getting bigger and spreading around my neck..........I need some one to help me.

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